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Privacy Policy

Last update: Jun 15, 2023

Who we are

We, MEETTY—FZCO, a Free Zone Company with limited liability established and existing under the laws of the International Free Zone Authority, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, registration number DSO-FZCO-23973 (“we”), operate Meetty service available at (the “Service”).

Briefly on this Policy

  1. We are committed to protect privacy of the users of Service.
  2. This privacy policy (“Policy”) describes what personal information and data (the “Data”) of a user of Service (“you”) we collect, use, process and store (“Process”), for what purposes and how we Process your Data, what rights do you have with respect to such Data Processing and how you may contact us on any issue concerning your Data Processing.
  3. If you do not agree with anything described with this Policy, please do not start (or immediately cease) using Service.
  4. We may modify this Policy from time to time. Please ensure that you agree with the updated Policy while attempting to use Service.

    The updated version of this Policy in force will be published at

  5. The terms “other”, “including”, “include”, “for example” or any similar expression used in this Policy are illustrative and will not limit the meaning of the words accompanying those terms (for example, “includes” means “includes but not limited to”).


  1. For the purpose of your registration in Service and primary identification we receive from you the information from your social media profile that you choose and use to complete authorization in Service (e.g. Facebook, Google, Twitter, or other social media or web-resource as available for registration in the Service from time to time).
  2. If you complete authorization in Service with any of your social media profiles, you agree that we will receive some identifiers through a relevant API, including: your social media identification number or ID, email, name, profile image, link to the profile etc.
  3. If we do not receive your e-mail, we will request it from to you to complete registration.
  4. The foregoing categories of Data are referred below to as “Initial Identification Data”.

Further identification

  1. If you intend to use Service as a “blogger”, we will request from you additional information for the purpose of your identification in order to keep high quality standards of our Service and comply with applicable laws and regulations (“Law”).
  2. Such additional information includes your name, phone number, date of birth, address, short bio and your photo where you hold your driver license, national passport or ID card with a handwritten note indicating your name and the date when the photo is captured, biometric information, and other information that may be required by Law from time to time (the “Additional Identification Data”).
  3. Please note the foregoing procedure may be adjusted from time to time.

Use of Service

  1. For the purposes of delivering you great Service of high quality and complying with the Terms and Conditions, we may Process the following Data:
    1. Initial Identification Data and Additional Identification Data enabling us to identify as a proper user of Service;
    2. your state or territory of residence in order to determine whether any tax withholding is required with respect to the payments from or to you;
    3. your user generated content and any Data that you enter while editing your Service account that allows us, for example, to show such Data to other users to let them know more about you before they meet with you at Service. Such information may include your location, links to social media profiles, nickname or username etc. If you do not intend to share this information, please do not; you may also edit or delete such Data any time;
    4. your list of friends in Service or other information entered by you while using Service that allows us to ensure relevant functions of Service works properly;
    5. your activity of Service use, for example, used by us to receive your choices or requests for meetings;
    6. your preferences, personal tastes or favorites, or other information relating to your behavior, for example, received by us as a result of analytics or tracking Cookies and used by us to deliver you a better customized user experience through Service or suggesting certain features and functions of Service;
    7. your payment history at Service, your internal balance at Service and banking or other payment Data that allows us to deal with the payments from or to you;
    8. your referrals in order to let us and the invited user to track your impact and to grant benefits available for our referral program participants, as in force from time to time;
    9. any messages you have sent to us while using Service.
  2. In order to perform our obligations under the Terms and Conditions and to deliver you Service of high quality we may transfer your Data to meeting call providers (including VoxImplant), payment services (including Stripe,,, analytics providers (including Google Analytics), server, technology or software providers (if any).
  3. Please note that:
    1. processing your Data communicated to such providers is governed by their relevant policies, and not covered by this Policy;
    2. it may happen from time to time that such providers may work in jurisdictions that do not ensure the similar or higher level of personal data protection than in the state of your residence;
    3. such providers may use your Data for marketing or advertising.
  4. To enable any meeting the calls and the meetings Service may use any other widget or service where the actual interaction between the users happens, including VoxImplant. Processing your Data communicated by you while participating in a meeting is governed by the relevant policies of VoxImplant or other relevant provider. We may store a recording of your meeting in order to deal with any potential report or claim with respect to any user violating the rules of Service.
  5. In order to process any payments linked to Service, your Initial Identification Data, Additional Identification Data, email and payment Data (including bank account specified by you) may be transferred by us by API or otherwise to relevant payment service providers, payment agents or banks for processing such payments (including Stripe,, Please note that processing your Data communicated to such providers is governed by their relevant policies.
  6. In order to check your activity of use of Service we may use relevant services including Google Analytics. Please note that processing your Data communicated to such services is governed by their relevant policies.
  7. For the purposes of delivering you personalized experience while using Service we may use:
    1. your Data indicated above;
    2. your time zone and IP to adapt the version of the website to your potential needs including the language of Service or time zone to book the meetings without comparing your time with time zone used at the website;
    3. your activity of Service use in order to personalize your further experience including by demonstrating you the opportunities or functions of Service that might meet your expectations or needs.

Improvement of Service

  1. We constantly work on improvement of Service and its potential features to ensure that you would have perfect experience.
  2. For this purpose, we may use the Data specified above to improve Service, to develop and test its new functions and to integrate it into Service.


  1. We may use your email address in order to improve your experience while using Service, including by notifying you of a booked meeting, application for meetings from other users, status of the meeting, etc.).
  2. If you use Service as a “blogger”, we may inform you of a pending meeting by SMS or by a phone call.
  3. We also may inform you by email of new features, recommendations, special offers or other news or information relating to Service.
  4. If you do not want to receive such notification, you may turn it off at your Service account.
  5. We also may communicate with you by email in order to exchange messages relating to issues relating to your use of Service.

Marketing or advertising

To the extent you have given your consent with that, we may use your email address and phone number to send messages for our marketing activities or ads.


  1. We may Process “cookie” files being small files stored by your browser (“Cookies”). Cookies usually allow a website to “remember” or “recognize” a particular browser or device and, in some cases, store information about that browser or device. For more information about Cookies, please see
  2. You may customize the categories of Cookies that you allow to use at Service. Such categories may include:
    1. necessary Cookies that are necessary and access certain web-pages and required for the Service to work properly;
    2. functional Cookies that let Service to identify and simplify your use of your account as it such Cookies helps to remember information that you have provided or choices you have made at Service;
    3. performance Cookies collecting aggregate information about the use of the Service, and turning it off will not affect the use of Service materially;
    4. tracking cookies enabling us to get information about your user activities on the website (for example, Google Analytics) or for marketing / ads (pixel or otherwise).
  3. You may also turn off the Cookies in your browser or relevant add-ons, delete them, or block some or all Cookies.

Sharing data

  1. In addition to transfer of your Data to certain categories of service providers as described above, we may also share your Data with authorities or third parties to the extent required by Law or acts or binding decisions of a competent authorities.
  2. We may also share your Data with our affiliates (including the person(s) controlling us, the persons that are controlled by us or under a common control with us, through holding shares in the relevant companies or otherwise).
  3. We may also share your Data in case of preparing or conducting a merger, divestiture, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution, or other transfer of our assets with a transferee.
  4. If you do not agree with such potential transfer of your Data and the relevant risks to your privacy arising from it, please do not give your consent with this Policy (or immediately withdraw it if it has been given).


  1. We store your Data indicated above for the whole term while you continue to be a user of Service. It allows us to perform our obligations under the Terms and Conditions, personalize your experience and deal with your requests and concerns accurately.
  2. After you cease to be a user of Service, we store your Data for one year or a longer term to the extent necessary to ensure compliance with the Law and to let us and you to deal with any potential claim linked to the use of Service properly. If you return as a user of Service, such stored Data may also be further use for your convenience.
  3. When we cease to store your Data, we will erase it.
  4. At your request (as described below) we will also delete your Data Processed by us basing on your consent.

Processing required by law or based on legitimate interest

Please note that we may Process your Data in such a way as may be required by Law or to such extent as our legitimate interest allows such Processing from time to time.

Data protection

  1. We use reasonable and adequate technical, organizational, legal and other safeguards and measures to protect your privacy taking into account current level of technology development and our financial and commercial condition and possibilities. For example, we use https protocols for chats, differentiating access to Data until it appears on the relevant servers, using servers with firewalls etc.
  2. Please note that the transfer of your Data over the Internet is subject to current state of technology development, and currently is not and may not completely protected from any leakage.
  3. Service may contain links to other websites we do not control. If you click on a link to another website, you should read their privacy policy, as the use of an external resource is not governed by this Policy.
  4. Please note that we may use servers in different states (including Finland, the United States of America etc.) and Process and transfer your Data in states that may not implement the same level of personal data protection that is ensured by the state of your residence. If you do not agree with it and the relevant risks to your privacy, please do not give your consent with this Policy (or immediately withdraw it if it has been given).

Your rights

  1. We respect the rights relating to the privacy of your Data that apply to you under the laws of your residence.
  2. At any time, you may exercise any of the following rights by sending a relevant request to us:
    1. the right to access—your right to request us for copies of your Data, provided that we may charge you a fee for this to cover our costs;
    2. the right to rectification—your right to request us to correct any Data you consider inaccurate or complete it if you believe it is incomplete;
    3. the right to erasure—your right to request us to erase your Data, under certain conditions;
    4. the right to restrict Processing—your right to request us to restrict Processing of your Data, under certain conditions;
    5. the right to object to Processing—your right to object to our Processing of your personal data, under certain conditions;
    6. the right to data portability—your right to request us to transfer your Data to another person or to you, under certain conditions;
    7. the right to avoid automated decision-making—in any event, you have a right to object to decisions made on automated processing of your Data or profiling that produce legal effects or other significant effects on you (we generally do not use such) and you may require us to ensure any final decision relating to your Data is made with human's interference;
    8. the right to be informed for what purposes we Process your Data, what Data we collect and from which source;
    9. the right to know third parties we have shared your Data with, for what purposes, and what Data has been shared;
    10. the right to withdraw your consent to our Processing of your Data that is Processed on the legal ground of your consent;
    11. the right to file a complaint to a supervisory authority located in the jurisdiction of your residence or where a breach has occurred.
  3. You may also send us any request relating to certain rights you have in the state of your residence with respect to your Data. We will ensure your possibility to appeal our decision or action.
  4. For example, if you are a California resident:
    1. you have a right to request once per year a list of personal data (if any) we disclosed to third parties for their own direct marketing purposes in the previous year as well as the names and addresses of those third parties. In any event, we do not currently disclose Data protected under the “Shine the Light” California law to third parties for their own direct marketing purposes;
    2. you have other rights granted under the California Consumer Privacy Act including:
      1. a right to request information on the Data we collected from you, Processed, sold or disclosed, under certain conditions (not more than twice per twelve months);
      2. a right to request that we delete Data we collected from you and stored, under certain conditions;
      3. a right to request a copy of the Data we have collected and stored about you in the past twelve months (not more than twice per twelve months);
      4. a right to opt-out of (or opt-in) the sale of your Data (however, we do not sell it);
      5. a right not to receive discriminatory treatment by us (however, we do not allow any discrimination).
  5. For example, if you are a Nevada resident, you may request, free of charge, that your Data not be sold (as defined under applicable Nevada law), even if your Data is not currently being sold.
  6. Please note that we do not sell your Data and do not currently disclose it to third parties for direct marketing purposes.
  7. In the past twelve months we shared with the following categories of third parties the following categories of Data for a business purpose:
    1. identifiers (e.g. name, address, email address, ID, IP address): to the service providers indicated above;
    2. identifiers (e.g. account name etc.): other users of Service.
    3. personal information categories listed in the California Customer Records statute (e.g. government ID, bank account): to the service providers indicated above;
    4. Internet or other similar network activity: to the service providers indicated above.
  8. Please note that we obtain your Data from the following general categories of sources:
    1. directly from you, for example, when you fill in information about you at your Service account;
    2. indirectly from you, for example, from observing your activity in using Service;
    3. third parties, for example, from our service providers indicated above.

Contact us

  1. We tend to respond for, or make a decision upon, any your request as fast as reasonably practicable, but in any event not later than within one calendar month from receipt of your message.
  2. If you have any question, concern, request or claim relating to your personal data proceeding by us, please contact us at:
    Shanice Pillay
    Techno Hub 1, C-01, Silicon Oasis, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates